P1100677Welcome to North London Stained Glass

I design and create mosaics and stained glass using traditional methods.  I also create mosaics within the community or schools working with all ages.

Please feel free to browse my site for more information about me or my mosaic and stained glass.

How It Works:

North London Stained Glass

New Commission:

When working to commission, I will initially discuss the piece with you and find out where it will be going.  It is also good to be able to see what design styles and colours you may be looking for.  I can show you images and materials to help you come to your choice.

Following this I will work on potential designs for your approval.  At this stage once materials and size are agreed, I can calculate an accurate price and estimate how long it will take to create.

Once design and materials are approved, work can commence.  This would normally be carried out in my studio unless it is a community project.

Once completed, I can deliver and install the finished item at your convenience offering you the least disruption.


North London Stained Glass

Restoration and Repair:

If it is just a piece of broken glass in a window, it might be possible to repair the glass without having to remove the window.  I would be able to open the lead, remove the broken glass, and replace new glass. However this is not always perfect because the old lead can get damaged.

If however, the window is rather old and tired and bowing, being a bit saggy to the touch, or rattling, then it is best to

remove the whole window and do the repair in the studio.  Once removed, I can then re-lead the whole window, replacing broken glass with as closely as possible matched new glass.  This would then give the window another 100 years of life!

North London Stained Glass